Wojtek Ziemilski

Wojtek Ziemilski is a theatre director and visual artist. He creates multi-disciplinary works using a variety of forms and media taken from the performing and visual arts. He completed a course in theatre directing at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, where he created his first shows. He returned to Poland at the invitation of TR Warszawa for whom he made the video installation Aktorzy (2009). He has also created the shows Mała narracja (2010), Mapa (2010) and Prolog (2011). For over a year he contributed a daily photo feature to Krytyka Polityczna. Wojtek Ziemilski conducts workshops on new forms of experiment in theatre at the Theatre Institute and TR Warszawa. He writes the contemporary art blog new-art.blogspot.com and collaborates with BWA Warszawa.

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