Since its foundation in 1988, the theatre Garonne is devoted to the development of cutting-edge productions from various fields of the contemporary performing arts – mainly theatre, dance and music.

Through both long-term companionship with established international artists, and emerging talents support, our recently renovated venue is now quite a renowned place for challenging artistic approaches, presenting and/or coproducing works by such artists as Meg Stuart, Forced Entertainment, Théâtre du Radeau, Maguy Marin, tg STAN, Rodrigo Garcia, along with upcoming local companies.

Beyond its 3 different spaces and up to 600 seats (255 / 224 / about 100), Garonne offers a unique context in which the staff, the artists and an ever curious and receptive audience can still engage themselves in a genuine and rich dialogue, a critical exchange where art – which means: what actually happens on the stage – is still a valuable thing.

Very much rooted in many European and international networks, Garonne is also deeply involved in a collaborative dialogue with the regional cultural, political and academic institutions.

Nowadays, despite the ever increasing burden of a local and global “crisis”, Garonne tends to remain a productive place for artists from around the world as well as for local citizens. Hopefully better than just another venue: a state of mind.