Maike Lond

Maike is an artist making  theater performances, exhibitions, sound design and video/ light solutions and she has been teaching or mentoring the students of Estonian Art Academy and Tartu Art College. Maike is also one of the initiating leaders of an artistic company
MIMproject, a research based artistic structure dealing with the theater space, its conventions and politics as such. MIMproject started in 2005 and by now has grown into a network of professionals, both from within and outside of the art field. Maike’s works as a solo artist or in MIMproject have been shown in venues and festivals across Europe. Besides touring with her latest solo “10 journeys to a place where nothing happens”, she has been working on a retrospective of MIMproject in Tallinn Art Hall; she exhibited an installation in Draakon Gallery (Tallinn); an interactive sound/light installation for Lumina Festival in Portugal and a concert with MIMproject on Art’s Birthday in Estonian Public Broadcast where the music travelled from the radio studio to the Moon and back and was then broadcasted to the public radio stations around Europe.

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