United Kingdom

LIFT travels the world to bring global stories to London, transforming this city to stage, presenting unique cultural experiences and sharing the stories of the world with the culturally curious.

Established in 1981 with a mission to throw open a window to the world, LIFT brings global stories to London, transforming the city into a stage and celebrating the experiences of the many individuals, cultures and communities that call London their home. LIFT has presented pioneering new forms of theatre for over 30 years and has set the benchmark for internationalism in the arts. LIFT curates a year-round programme of work – building to a pan-London festival of shows, special events and talks every two years.

LIFT 2012 was the most ambitious festival in its significant history: a five-week festival of international theatre drawing together over 43,000 audience members across the breadth of London – from the West End, to a car park in Croydon, to the spokes of the London Eye.

LIFT has risen to become a key cultural player in the British arts scene, telling the stories of our times and going to places no-one else would consider – geographically and artistically – to present unforgettable experiences that change the way we think and what others are inspired to do.